Which of the following tools can be used to cut new external threads?
During a PM inspection a broken radiator fan shroud is noticed. Which of the following could cause this damage?
During a PM inspection the steering wheel binds when turned. What could cause this condition?
Although any loose or missing bolts should be tightened or replaced when noticed, what percentage of fifth wheel mounting bracket to frame fasteners can be loose or missing before the tractor must be placed out of service?
What type of tubing must be used in hydraulic brake systems?
When cutting with an oxy-acetylene torch, what should you see in the steel before depressing the cutting lever?

What is the reading on this 2-3" imperial micrometer?
What tool should be used to measure the air filter restriction?
When lengthening a truck frame, at what angle should the frame be cut?
When a truck has been involved in an offset front end collision, what type of frame damage would be expected?
When installing a reinforcement plate on a truck frame, how should the bolt holes be located?
What should be used to lubricate the rack and slide path of a sliding fifth wheel?
When will the ride height control valve supply more air to the air springs?
What must be performed on a truck suspension system to adjust torque rod length and drive axle alignment?
What type of truck spring suspension system would be mounted above the main leaf spring assembly and only be utilized under heavy leads?
What component is used to control jounce and rebound and suppress truck suspension system oscillations?
When diagnosing a leaf spring suspension complaint of harsh ride which of the following could be the cause?
Which of the following is correct practice when mounting accessories to the heat-treated frame of a truck?
What should be done first when the spring shackle pin will not accept grease?
What condition could affect ride height when inspecting spring equalizers on a tandem axle air suspension system?
How is cushioning and alignment accomplished on a rubber cushion suspension system?
A driver complains of truck wander when driving. What could be the cause?
How are straight king pins secured to the axle on a truck's front steering axle?
While observing tire wear patterns and front-end alignment, which alignment angle has the potential to cause the most tire wear?
When testing a truck's hydraulic steering system, what is important to achieve accurate results?
What is the recommended method of deflating a truck tire?
What could cause low-pressure readings when resting a hydraulic power steering system?
What could cause wheel tramp?
Which of the following conditions on an air brake system could cause a high discharge of oil from the supply reservoir drain value?
While observing a truck's air-pressure gauges when building air pressure you notice the primary reservoir is fully charged but the secondary reservoir has zero air pressure. What could be the cause?
A driver explains that his low air warning device (light) has activated, but the primary and secondary pressure gauges indicate full air pressure. What could be the cause?
While troubleshooting an air pressure build up complaint you find no air pressure at the inlet side of the supply reservoir. What could be the cause?
What would the effect be of a brake drum that has been worn too thin?
If the air compressor governor failed to cut out, which of the following would result?
What safety precautions must be followed when working on pressurized air brake components?
In a B-train combination which of the following relay valves would likely have the lowest crack pressure?
Which of the following would be an output of the ECU (electronic control unit) of an air brake ABS (anti-lock brake system)?
Brake wear is uneven on only one side of the shoes. What should be checked?
What is the desired air gap between the ABS wheel speed sensor and the exciter ring?
What is the proper position of hole(s) on air spring brake chambers?
What is the purpose of residual pressure in a hydraulic brake system?
Air pressure is higher than normal. What is the most likely problem?
What is an important requirement when selecting replacement S-cams?
What results when the dash-mounted trailer air supply valve (red) is pulled outward (closed)?
When servicing an air dryer what also requires replacement?
When the inversion valve of an air brake vehicle is in effect, what does it modulate to slow the vehicle?
What type of signal does an ABS wheel speed sensor provide?
On an air brake equipped truck that is CMVSS 121 compliant, what is the minimum air pressure before the low air warning device will activate?
On an air brake equipped truck that is CVSA compliant, what specification must be achieved when testing the compressor buildup time?
A 12-V lead-acid battery with an electrolyte temperature of 20°is voltage tested out of chassis and produces a voltage reading of 12.4 V across its terminals. Which of the following is more likely to be true?
What voltage value should be indicated as the input terminal of a 2-wire, coolant temperature sensor in a typical truck diesel engine?
What type of output would you measure from a throttle position sensor described as "non-contact"?
When you are testing a diode and it conducts equally well both ways, which of the following is probably true about the state of the diode?
When preparing to boost a set of discharged batteries on a truck chassis, where should you locate the ground clamp on the truck you are boosting?
A driver complains his radio produces constant static and his newly replaced batteries are often too discharged to crank the engine. After ensuring that the batteries are fully charged, which of the following should you check first?
You are measuring resistance through an NTC (negative temporary coefficient) thermistor-type temperature sensor and a reading of 75 kilo-ohms is displayed on a DMM (digital micrometer). What should be done?
In order to access any system's ECM (electronic control module) to read system faults on a truck chassis data bus, which of the following must be accessed first?
A truck lead-acid battery at 20°C measures 10.5 V across its terminals. After performing a 2-minute rapid charge, the battery is disconnected from the charger and when voltage is tested across its terminals, it produces15.2 V-DC. Which of the following is the more likely explanation?
When troubleshooting a complaint of sluggish cranking on a truck with batteries that test ok, you observe that one of the battery ground posts is abnormally hot. Which of the following should be performed first?
When testing the amperage output of a heavy-duty truck alternator using an amp clamp, which of the following methods should be used to draw the specified load from the alternator?
When load-testing a fully charged lead-acid battery at 20°C, which of the following would be the recommended load to be drawn by the carbon pile?
When preparing to lead-test a maintenance-free, lead-acid battery, the technician first checks the integral hydrometer eye and sees that it is clear. What should be done next?
What is the primary function of a gel-cell battery in a truck chassis battery bank?
If you suspect that a lead-acid battery has frozen, what should you do first?
which of the following methods should be observed to crank a hard-to-start, truck diesel engine?
When an alternator is full-fielded, which of the following temporarily ceases to function?
How are the stator windings in a typical truck alternator configured?
What specific charging system component is evaluated when you perform an AC leakage test?
When using a DMM to measure voltage, what would happen if you placed the negative terminal on the more positive section of a circuit?
When measuring circuit resistance with a DMM, what will the ohmmeter display when you place the test leads across an open circuit?
If you have accessed an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) data hub, which of the following must be true?
In a troubleshooting diagnostic tree, what is at the root of the tree?
When assembling Deutsch connectors, how much insulation should be stripped away from each wire before crimping?
When adjusting truck body panels, how should a door be aligned to the front fender?
In the 7-way tractor trailer electrical cord, what wire colour is designated for the stop lights?
On the rear of a van trailer, where should reflective (conspicuity) tape be placed?
When performing trailer refrigeration services, what refrigerant would most likely be used?
When performing repairs or service work on refrigeration components, what safety equipment should a technician wear?
If a coolant control valve of a HVAC unit did not close completely, what would be the result?
What is the most likely cause of a driver complaint that the cab AC works well when first turned on, but then intermittently after extended operation?
What would you suspect to be the problem if, while troubleshooting a truck's AC system you find gauge readings that are normal and line temperatures that feel correct, however vent air discharge is not cool enough?
What would be the cause of a heavy buildup of frost at a point in the high-pressure line between the condenser and the receiver-drier?
What could be the problem if, while evacuating an AC system, you observe the gauges rise quickly and continue to rise until they read zero psig (zero kPa)?
What must be done to ensure accurate main bearing oil clearance measurements during an engine rebuild?
What is the correct procedure for boring cylinders in a parent bore engine?
When measuring a cylinder, what is being measured by taking diameter readings at the top, middle, and bottom of ring travel?
When is crankshaft noise more noticeable?
During a cylinder leakage test, what would be the cause of air escaping from the oil fill port?
Which one of the following cylinder head components, when worn, would allow oil to enter the exhaust gases or intake charge?
What is the preferred method of running-in a rebuilt engine?
What is the maximum inlet restriction permitted on a diesel engine air filter?
Which of the following could occur if there was insufficient liner protrusion?
Which of the following could result from a worn cylinder counter-bore?
After performing cylinder work such as boring or honing, what should be used to clean the cylinder walls?
When rebuilding an engine with a camshaft located in the cylinder block, what would result from a failure to replace worn camshaft bearings?
What should be done before initial start-up of a rebuilt engine?
When testing a gasoline engine, what would cause a vacuum gage to produce an intermittent reading?
When performing a dry compression test on a gasoline, what would cause low compression readings to significantly rise during a wet compression test?
What tool is generally used to measure crankshaft bearing journals?
After replacing a defective EUI (electronic unit injector) with a rebuilt/exchange unit, which of the following procedures must be performed?
When performing a 4-step injection actuation pressure test sequence on a typical HEUI (hydraulic/electronic unit injector) system, which of the following components is being tested?
At the end of an injection cycle on an engine equipped with a TP (time/pressure) fuel system, which of the following should be true?
In the event that a nozzle valve is stuck open in an EHI (electro-hydraulic injector) used in a CR (common rail) fuel system, which of the following ensures that fuelling to the affected cylinder is limited?
If a diesel engine is run without a thermostat, which of the following tailpipe emissions would be more likely to increase?
Which of the following is an indication that an aneroid device has been shorted out on a hydromechanical highway truck diesel engine?
Which of the following best describes what occurs during a passive regeneration of a typical DPF (diesel particulate filter) on a highway truck?
When LS (low sulphur) fuel is run in an engine specified for ULS (ultra-lo sulphur) which of the following components is likely to fail first?
When replacing a universal joint in a multi-piece driveshaft, what should be verified during shaft reinstallation?
What could cause slippage in only one gear range of an automatic transmission?
In a standard transmission, which of the following could cause a noise in neutral?
In a standard transmission, what could cause gear slipout?
When performing a stall test on a truck equipped with an automatic transmission, what could cause a low rpm stall reading?
In an automatic transmission, what driveability problems would a stripped nylon governor drive gear cause?
When rebuilding a clutch pack in an automatic transmission, what should be used on the piston seals during assembly?
What should be done when larger than normal magnetic particles are found in the oil pan of an automatic transmission?
What would be the most likely cause of a smooth, flat fracture of a drive axle shaft?
What should be performed first when removing the differential and crown gear assembly from the carrier?
What is the preferred method of universal joint replacement?
What should be done to the crown gear before attempting to install it onto the flange case half?
When adjusting a drive axle gearset, what should be done to move the contact pattern away from the crown gear tooth root?
What would cause scored and discoloured differential side gear thrust washers?
What must be removed to allow removal of a power divider?
A new drive pinion with a "+1" pinion code variation number is being installed in a final drive. If the original pinion was stamped "-1", what would have to be done prior to pinion installation?
How is crown gear backlash measured?
What could cause a burned synchronizer in the auxiliary of a twin counter-shaft transmission?
When inspecting transmission bearings, what is the cause of flaking of the bearing race?
What could produce a twisted mainshaft in a standard transmission?
When installing an alcohol injector on an air brake system, where should it be located?
How would cavitation be identified in a disassembled hydraulic pump?
What condition would be present in a hydraulic system using high-viscosity hydraulic oil in a cold winter application?
Which of the following is most important when removing hydraulic cylinders from the dump section of a roll-off truck?
When testing the performance of a hydraulic pump, which of the following is correct practice?
Which of the following hydraulic hose types would be able to accept the highest working pressure?
A dump box pulsates and has a jerking motion as the lift cylinder is extended. What could be the cause?
What is the main advantage of installing an auxiliary power unit?